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From Nikhil Khandelwal <>
Subject RE: [Android] 5.0.x release branch?
Date Tue, 22 Sep 2015 00:42:41 GMT
Can you explain why latest plugins will not be compatible with older versions of Cordova? Can
this be avoided by any means? When you mean they would not be compatible - will it result
in a build or runtime failure?

For marshmallow, what is the guidance that we need to issue to the larger Cordova plugin ecosystem?
Joe you are ahead of the curve here compared to most other plugin developers - a blot post
explaining what are known gotchas would be great. I really hope we can use our Cordova blog
to communicate these changes actively to the plugin ecosystem. This mailing list only gets
400+ subscribers.

Can you re-base your cordova-android over the current master? It's hard to see a diff in the
current form:


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From: Joe Bowser [] 
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2015 2:14 PM
To: dev <>
Subject: [Android] 5.0.x release branch?


In the next two weeks, Marshmallow will most likely getting released with the brand new Nexus
6P being released from Huawei.  Given that most of the Nexus devices will be getting this
release, we should probably release the 5.0.x branch of Android soon, and get the new plugins

It should be noted that the latest plugins will not be compatible with older versions of Cordova,
which is a big deal.  This is due to the use of various compatibility checks to make sure
they support Marshmallow and older versions of Android.

So, if everyone can look over the smores branches of my GitHub before I create the 5.0.x branch
and pull the changes into it, that would be awesome.

Work on audio is still outstanding, BUT for some reason Audio broke recently on both Lollipop
and Marshmallow.  I didn't test it out on KitKat or Jellybean yet, but I'm wondering whether
we should keep maintaining this or support the standard HTML5 audio and deal with the asset
issue somehow (which isn't straight forward).

I hopefully want to get a 5.0.x branch happening this week if we can.

What do people think?

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