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From Nikhil Khandelwal <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] cordova-ios 4.0.0 release
Date Wed, 02 Sep 2015 12:38:41 GMT
This is great level of detail. Since there are plugin API changes - it would be great to make
a broader post - on slack, twitter, our blog. 

Do we have a sense of how impactful are the breaking changes - say how many of the top 50
plugins will not compile when ios 4.0 releases? If not, I can help with some of this.


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From: Shazron [] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 4:38 PM
Subject: [DISCUSS] cordova-ios 4.0.0 release

Gotta get the train going again, it's been too long.

The kanban board for this is at:

Please help if you can by assigning an issue to yourself, and selecting the "Start Progress"
button. This will show who is working on what in the middle "In Progress" column.

I've trimmed this and it includes cordova-ios platform issues, and some plugin issues. Priority
given to platform issues of course, and issues with iOS 9. If there is a pressing issue that
needs to go in, assign it the label "cordova-ios-4.0.x" but propose it to this thread first
so we don't get de-railed, there's only so much room on the train. Similarly if you think
an issue can get thrown off the train to cordova-ios-5.0.x, post on this thread.

Focus is on core plugin stability with the new platform, since it does have API changes. If
downstream distribution people are on this list, this concerns your third-party plugins too.

The easiest way to test if it affects your plugin building:

cordova platform add
cordova plugin add your-plugin-id
cordova build

Plugin updates and highlights:
    - API changes doc:
    - 3 new private core plugins to the platform:
    - Plugin localized strings and resource loading:
   - Preferences helper:
   - WebViews as plugins. UIWebView is a private core plugin (see above).
WKWebView as a plugin installable

I also want to highlight this scenario which a lot of people will encounter:

I had to trim features and push it off to cordova-ios-5.0.x:

Planned ship/vote date is around iOS 9 release time, which I believe is in
2 weeks or so (mid Sept 2015).

Choo choo....
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