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From Carlos Santana <>
Subject Re: Our development process, revisited
Date Wed, 23 Sep 2015 20:58:28 GMT
Call me dumb now.
So what if Nexus 6P is not out yet, let's work on master and keep it stable and use branches
for features or not stable code. 

What is the harm of putting the new code for target API 23 on master while Nexus 6P is not
out yet?

- Carlos
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> On Sep 23, 2015, at 4:35 PM, Joe Bowser <> wrote:
>> On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 1:32 PM, Steven Gill <> wrote:
>> If we had to rush a CVE, wouldn't it make sense to do that off an existing
>> released branch (4.1.x)?
>> I think the only valid point is we don't want master in a state where tests
>> aren't passing. Until then, work on a branch. But if tests are passing, no
>> harm moving it into master. Especially if you want to release android
>> sooner rather than later. Having it in master will be just as effective in
>> regards to having people test.
>> I think the argument against long lived release branches is the potential
>> of making merging more difficult down the road.
>> coho does prepare-release-branch command right now but it can't quite
>> handle the usecase you are suggesting because it branches off master and it
>> will change the versions in master which you don't want.
>> Why the hesitation to do 5.0.x work in master?
> Because the Nexus 6P hasn't been released yet.
>> -Steve
>>> On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 12:45 PM, Joe Bowser <> wrote:
>>> Hey
>>> So, once again, we're trying to do this 5.0.x thing.  And once again, I'm
>>> finding that I want to create a long-lived 5.0.x branch because that's
>> what
>>> we should do for major releases.  This won't be as long lived as last
>> time
>>> (should be released in early October, before we do our off-site, because
>>> supporting API 23 would be a good thing), but here's some questions.
>>> 1. What was the argument against long-lived release branches?
>>> 2. Can we get a change in coho to allow for this practice.  It seems to
>>> only support dumping all the things into master, which isn't the right
>>> thing to do.
>>> I know that people wanted to be able to just do dev off master and
>> release
>>> off that, and that master probably should be able to pass all tests and
>> be
>>> in a releasable state, but in reality, we needed to have a release branch
>>> for people to test out BEFORE we do an actual release, so I'm wondering
>>> whether we should make the decision to branch, then move all dev to the
>>> branch, then once we release, rebase that back on master.
>>> I really don't want to re-open this super long debate, but I also want to
>>> get a release out and not screw up Android if we have to rush a CVE.
>> What
>>> do people think?
>>> Joe

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