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From Carlos Santana <>
Subject Re: WKWebView and iOS 9
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2015 02:26:24 GMT
I would like to see by default or configuration setting be able to have that combination "WKWebView
plugin only works on iOS 9 and older iOSes fallback to UIWebView"

I can already hear customers asking too many questions about running a webserver inside their
app (i.e.  security, energy, old hacks on their own custom plugins, etc). I prefer to have
the option to tell them it's a choice it's very easy to select to not have a webserver at

- Carlos
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> On Aug 4, 2015, at 8:16 PM, Shazron <> wrote:
> My thinking -- It'll be a hybrid approach - iOS 8 uses local-web server,
> iOS 9 doesn't. We'll have to support both if the dev deploys to an older
> target (the final fallback is UIWebView)
> Either that or WKWebView plugin only works on iOS 9 and older iOSes
> fallback to UIWebView.
>> On Wednesday, August 5, 2015, Edna Y Morales <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Since the file:// url loading bug was fixed for WKWebView in iOS 9, are we
>> going to move away from the local webserver solution?
>> Thanks,
>> Edna Morales

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