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From "Homer, Tony" <>
Subject Re: whitelist plugin problem - wrong version "latest" on npm?
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2015 19:07:44 GMT
I guess there is not much point to 1.1.0 until cordova-ios 4.0.0 is
Is latest intentionally set to 1.0.0 as a way to avoid CB-9163 [1]?


On 8/10/15, 2:03 PM, "Homer, Tony" <> wrote:

>It seems that either the cordova-plugin-whitelist ref in
>cordova-app-hello-world is wrong
>the wrong version of cordova-app-hello-world is marked latest in npm.
>I think it's the latter.
>I wanted to test some details of whitelist plugin behavior on iOS.
>I was expected to be able to start with CLI 5.1.1, create a default
>project, add iOS and have the whitelist plugin be automatically included.
>This worked, but whitelist plugin v1.0.0 was added.
>This seems wrong since v1.1.0 was released, adding support for iOS.
>I checked JIRA and this list, but could not find anything like this
>reported (this makes me wonder if it's my environment that is to blame).
>I wasn't sure what the root cause of the problem was, so I started poking
>around to try to determine what/if I should log in JIRA.
>I started looking through the dependencies:
>cordova-cli 5.1.1->cordova-lib 5.1.1->cordova-app-hello-world 3.9.0
>(note: 5.2.0 also depends on cordova-app-hello-world 3.9.0)
>cordova-app-hello-world 3.9.0 config.xml includes the whitelist plugin as
><plugin name="cordova-plugin-whitelist" version="1" />
>I'm not sure how configParser handles version="1".
>I wondered if that could be the issue - in any case, should that be a
>semver number or is "1" ok?
>I double-checked the latest plugins release notes [1] to verify that
>cordova-plugin-whitelist@1.1.0 had been released (it had been).
>Then I checked [2] and was surprised to see that "1.0.0 is the
>latest of 4 releases".
>So then I did `npm info cordova-plugin-whitelist` and I see:
>{ name: 'cordova-plugin-whitelist',
>  description: 'Cordova Whitelist Plugin',
>  'dist-tags': { latest: '1.0.0', rc: '1.0.1-dev' },
>  versions: [ '1.0.0', '1.1.0' ],
>So now I'm even more confused - it looks like 1.1.0 has been published to
>npm, but 1.0.0 is marked as latest.
>Is this is the root cause of the issue?
>FWIW, I spot-checked a couple other plugins on npmjs [3][4] and their
>"latest" versions are consistent with plugin release notes [1].
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