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From Andrey Kurdumov <>
Subject Outdated Cordova behavior in docs
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2015 11:13:06 GMT
Reading across the docs found lines which very likely outdated. Please take
a look at these parts and suggestions how to improve. I will reread docs
further and will let you know about other findings.

config_ref/ (The config.xml)
1. "Note that before version 3.3.1-0.2.0, the file existed at
app/www/config.xml, and that having it here is still supported."

Do we still support that case ? Even if we technically support do we really
need this in the docs since this is encouraging options which is not very
well covered by tests?

config_ref/ (The config.xml)
2. "When using the CLI to build a project, versions of this file are
passively copied into various <0>platforms/</0> subdirectories".

That's statement not true. We copy only platform specific subset of
config.xml and the apply platform defaults to master config.xml. I think
that line misleading and should be rewritten.

config_ref/ (The config.xml)
3. "<access> elements define the set of external domains the app is allowed
to communicate with. The default value shown above allows it to access any
server. See the Domain Whitelist Guide for details."

I bit offtrack with latest whiltelist plugin changes. Do we still need this
tag? If this tag used by plugins would be good to put indication about that
here. Anyway want to doublecheck that this line is not outdated and correct
as of latest version of Cordova.

4. cordova/events/
""If the app (and device) is enabled for multi-tasking, this is paired with
a subsequent pause event, but only under iOS 5. In effect, all locked apps
in iOS 5 that have multi-tasking enabled are pushed to the background. For
apps to remain running when locked under iOS 5, disable the app's
multi-tasking by setting UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend to YES. To run when
locked on iOS 4, this setting does not matter.
So do we care about iOS5 ? :) I will assume that we run under iOS5 and
re-phrase text.

5. cordova/events/
"Any interactive functions called from a pause event handler execute later
when the app resumes, as signaled by the resume event. These include
alerts, console.log(), and any calls from plugins or the Cordova API, which
go through Objective-C."

6. cordova/storage/
In the LocalStorage section
"this API provides synchronous key/value pair storage, and is available in
underlying WebView implementations."

I assume that local storage is supported everywhere.

7. guide/appdev/hooks/
In the Ways to define hooks section first section is "Via /hooks
directory", since this is deprecated method, I would like to put it as the
last method. Even if it is executed first.

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