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From Tammo Schimanski <>
Subject Re: Does Cordova have a problem making developers happy?
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2015 11:50:18 GMT
Hey Julio,
I already did some translation via Crowdin. For Plugins as also for the main files. But unfortunately
i also don’t have enough time to do the translation for all plugins and the main files.

Just had a look onto the prices for flights… i think, i can’t come, thats realy to expensive.

The german documentation is very bad. It is not only bad translated, it is so bad that you’re
sometimes are not able to understand what is meant. Maybe i can invest some hours at the next
weekend to do some translation again.

It feels good to have contact to other people who are also interested in helping new users

Greetings from Germany,

Am [DATE] schrieb "julio cesar sanchez" <[ADDRESS]>:

>Hi Tammo, great iniciative!
>I tried to do the same for spanish speakers, but I rarely have time to
>write tutorials.
>"not all german developers are able to ask a question in english (although
>you might thought that they are)."
>Yeah, on Spain we are told that ALL other european contries speak english
>well because they learn since childhood.
>Have you checked the german documentation? is it good? maybe you can
>contribute with the translation
>About the face 2 face meeting, this was mentioned on that thread:
>"Also, just to be clear, we are not explicitly limiting this to committers
>- anyone interested in the development of the project is welcome. However,
>I am guessing that we will not be talking basics of Cordova, so this may
>not be a meeting to learn about Cordova or how to use it."
>So, you have to judge yourself if it can be of your interest.
>P.S: I'm a "small" person too, but we all can contribute.
>2015-08-28 12:17 GMT+02:00 Tammo Schimanski <>:
>> Hello to all of you from Germany,
>> i never wrote an e-mail to this list before but i want to tell you
>> something about the situation over here.
>> I started developing applications with Cordova two years ago. It wasn’t
>> easy to understand how Cordova works and how it has to be used. The docs
>> didn’t help me enough so that i had to spend many hours in watching video
>> tutorials on youtube and read many articles about the cordova workflow.
>> After i developed applications for over a year, i decided to found a
>> german community which helps users who feel like i felt a year ago. At the
>> End of 2014 i wrote e-mails to apache, registered domains and invested many
>> hours in research and writing tutorials, blog articles and so on. Down to
>> the present day the main Tutorials (iOS & Android) were viewed over 40.000
>> times. We have about 800 visits a day and are helping all people with their
>> questions inside the board. Stackoverflow is also a great way to help
>> people but not all german developers are able to ask a question in english
>> (although you might thought that they are).
>> My target ever was to help people who are sitting in front of their
>> computers and thinking „hey… why aren’t you working cordova“ or „why
>> doesn’t it work like expected“? In spring 2015 my colleague and i decided
>> to make all a bit more professional. We weren’t satisfied by the website
>> because all was a bit heavy to find (Tutorials etc.) and it was not state
>> of the art. Again: E-Mails to apache, registered a new domain and now we’re
>> starting a big project under (first look for you:
>> I had to rewrite all tutorials, because its still
>> our aim to make it understandable and clear for everyone! Till now we spent
>> already over 250 hours together for the new project - but it is no problem:
>> We love cordova! The Project will start at the end of September this year.
>> Cordova is a possibility for companys creating a new branch. Every
>> websitedeveloper is able to develop applications with Cordova - but not
>> every Developer knows this. We want to spread cordova to every developer
>> inside Germany!
>> So yes, why am i writing you this all? I think, in comparison to you i’m a
>> small person. If i see all the people here getting e-mails to @
>>, and so on…yes, i’m a small person. I just want
>> to let you know, that if we can do anything from the other side of the big
>> pond: Please let us know - we’re here, waiting for your instructions :-).
>> I don’t know if this „Cordova face to face meeting“ is open for all but my
>> colleague and i thought about coming to that meeting. Only because we’re
>> interested into getting a deeper look into things and because we both want
>> to get better and better. The better we get, the better we can help the
>> users in understanding cordova.
>> Belonging to the topic, Stackoverflow, frustration etc. - i understand
>> Jesse Monroy. A big problem is that in many cases you just can post links
>> „look here“ „read this“ etc. and if you give a detailed answer, you’ll
>> never hear something again from that user like „worked for me“ or „no this
>> doesn’t work“. Thats why we also created a „first steps in cordova“ guide
>> on our new website in which all mistakes which can be done are explained.
>> Okay so… at least, sorry if something is unclear or understandable. I hope
>> that it was at least a little bit interesting for you to get some feedback
>> from Germany.
>> Greetings from
>> Tammo Schimanski
>> E-Mail:       
>> Phone / Whatsapp:       + 49 162 40 98 169
>> Am [DATE] schrieb "julio cesar sanchez" <[ADDRESS]>:
>> >I would like to bring this topic back because I've seen two things
>> recently
>> >that worried me
>> >
>> >First one on the google group "Frustration in the forum"
>> >!topic/phonegap/D7ydf_hNq-w
>> >
>> >Second one, increasing number of unanswered questions on stackoverflow
>> >(from
>> >
>> >cordova Questions
>> >259        Last 7 Days       79.9% unanswered
>> >1,172     Last 30 Days     75.7% unanswered
>> >37,119   All Time             46.4% unanswered
>> >
>> >
>> >I think it's related with the "Frustration in the forum", a lot of
>> >questions are from newbiews and low quality so nobody answer them (not
>> sure
>> >if this happens with other tags or just with cordova)
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