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From "Vladimir Kotikov (Akvelon)" <>
Subject RE: Cordova-lib refactoring implementation
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2015 15:56:54 GMT
Oops, previous email sent by mistake ☹

Hi, guys.

I’ve submitted a PR, that refactors a cordova-lib API and implements a PlatformApi polyfill
(as discussed in
Please find it here:
To test this you'll also need to check out corresponding PR to cordova-cli:

This is a first step of refactoring, which includes cordova-lib refactoring only.
The next steps once this PR will be reviewed and merged:
* Move shared code for platforms/cordova-lib into cordova-common module
* Prepare and publish cordova-common (this also includes coho update)
* Switch cordova-lib to use cordova-common

Brief overview of this PR:
It implements PlatformApiPoly class according to PlatformApi spec, which allows to:
  * create/update platform
  * execute platform's actions (build/run/add/update)
  * do a prepare (needed for CLI workflow only)
  * install/uninstall plugins

Other noticeable changes:
  * removes `getPlatformProject` and PlatformProject method/class in favor of PlatformApiPoly/getPlatformApi
  * make assets and js-modules installing/uninstalling through ActionStack
  * refactor configChanges to not require plugins_dir in constructor
  * moves mergeXml helper to xml-helpers

I would appreciate any feedback on this PR.
Best regards, Vladimir.
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