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From Nikhil Khandelwal <>
Subject RE: Signing archive questions
Date Wed, 01 Jul 2015 16:04:07 GMT
The path to the keystore is relative depending on your context. It's relative to build.json
when specified there. It's relative to the your current working directory when specified as
a command line argument. Using '..\' - you should be able to move out of the cordova project

Also, absolute paths should just work - but they might make it difficult to be checked into
source control.

For iOS, it creates a MyProject.ipa just as you mentioned.


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From: Victor Sosa [] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 1, 2015 7:18 AM
Subject: Signing archive questions

Hello all.
I have a couple of questions with regarding the archive signing enhancement that is just in
in 5.0.

According to the Cordova Android docs[1], the keystore is the path to the binary key that
will be used by Cordova to sign the APK. Is this path supposed to be always relative to the
project? or can it be any path in the file system? In my tests, I was able to sign the archive
only when the keystore is in my Cordova project and referencing using "mykeystore.keystore"
which I assume looks in the root on the project because of the relative path in "keystore"
key in either build.json or CLI argument.

Also, this is my ignorance on iOS talking, Once the archive is signed for iOS, what's the
name of the generated signed archive? Is it something like MyProject.ipa? I know in Android
it is android-release.apk but I don't know iOS at all.

Appreciate your help.

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