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From Dmitry Blotsky <>
Subject Docs Meeting Notes
Date Thu, 23 Jul 2015 05:26:53 GMT
Hi folks,

I met with Andrey Kurdyumov yesterday, and we’ve gotten a list of things figured out regarding
the docs improvements. Our meeting notes are below:

- Proofreead access for Andrey:
    - Viktor Sosa and Lisa DeLuca are the people who can do this

- Merge website and doc repos:
    - Will be done in parallel to all other work
    - To live in or in
    - Clean up build/deploy process
    - Dmitry and Raghav will be working on this

- Manual ToC:
    - Agreed that it's needed
    - Will make it easier to navigate docs
    - Will be in YAML files
    - For each set of docs, will use manual ToC or generate automatically if none exists

- Plugin docs:
    - Should show on main docs website
    - Should be translated with other docs

- Automagic links in docs:
    - Should "solidify" autolinking and use manual linking in the future
    - Should use fixed header IDs (for #references)
        - This allows cross-linking in languages
        - This preserves links through heading translation

- CI for docs:
    - Not a high priority
    - Auto-generation is a nice-to-have

- Content:
    - Make it more novice-friendly
    - Add more "Getting Started" guides
    - Improve content discoverability (see CB-9380 or Stack Overflow)
    - Improve visibilty for single platform workflow
    - Andrey has some ToC layout ideas; to be addressed in a [DISCUSS]

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