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From "Nomamoto, Satoshi" <>
Subject iframe history.back() issues in Cordova app (iOS)
Date Mon, 22 Jun 2015 22:49:53 GMT
Hi guys

I am developing the application of Android and iOS by using Cordova. 

Page structure is as follows.
Page A (w/o iframe)
Page B (w/ iframe)

Page A --> Page B (forward)
Page A <-- Page B (backward by history.back())

iframe displays external web page. 
When it goes back to Page A(w/o iframe) from Page B(w/ iframe), i have to call hisotory.back()
However, Android app build by same javascript source only has to call history.back() once.
In addition, a similar problem does not occur when native WebVIew(UIWebView) of iOS is used.

Is this a Cordova(iOS) spec or bug?

Cordova 4.2 (iOS Platform 3.8.0)
iOS 8.3

Same question on StackOverflow

Best regards,

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