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From "Vladimir Kotikov (Akvelon)" <>
Subject RE: Breaking changes in cordova-windows@>3.8.2
Date Mon, 18 May 2015 09:16:24 GMT
Do we have a way to check if specific platform supports current CLI/LIB version? AFAIK there
is two places, where <engine> tag is supported (project's config.xml and plugin's plugin.xml)
but none of them suits to our case. But if I wrong, could you please point me to docs or code
where this check exists?

Best regards, Vladimir

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From: Nikhil Khandelwal [] 
Sent: Saturday, 16 May, 2015 2:03
Subject: RE: Breaking changes in cordova-windows@>3.8.2

The next version of cordova-windows will be 4.0.0 as it has Win10 support (which is a significant
update) and this breaking change. Agreed, if there is an engine tag that can make this more
explicit - it would be perfect.


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From: Steven Gill []
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2015 11:44 AM
Subject: Re: Breaking changes in cordova-windows@>3.8.2

Can we set the engine tag so windows >3.8.2 (should be major jump to 4.0.0) requires cordova-lib/cli
>=5.1.0 (next version of tools should be a minor

On Fri, May 15, 2015 at 9:59 AM, Vladimir Kotikov (Akvelon) <>

> Hi List,
> I just want to let you know that we have pending PRs that will 
> introduce braking changes in cordova-windows.
> These changes will move project update logic call from project build 
> step to cordova-lib prepare step. The reason why we need this is that 
> currently project update is triggered directly by build script (after 'after_prepare'
> hook being fired) and this makes plugin hooks and other tools working 
> incorrectly (changes, made by hooks is being overwritten by this 
> prepare logic).
> To be more precise, the following cases could be broken:
> 1. CLI > 5.0 (next version), Windows <= 3.8.2 (current or older) - the 
> 'prepare' will be called twice (from lib and from platform's build) - 
> unwanted, since changes that could be made by 'after_prepare' & 
> 'before_compile' hooks will be overwritten by second 'prepare' call - 
> but this is how it works now.
> 2. CLI <= 5.0 (current or older), Windows > 3.8.2 (next version) - 
> 'prepare' will never be called, the platform code will never be 
> updated - the worst case, the build probably will be broken.
> Some links:
> JIRA issue:
> cordova-lib:
> cordova-windows:
> We're going to merge this soon, so if anyone has a strong opinion 
> against these changes, please let us know.
> ---------------
> Best regards, Vladimir

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