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From Rob Paveza <>
Subject Plugins release prep: Cherry-picking plugin updates
Date Tue, 05 May 2015 18:44:43 GMT
Hi all - 

I started a [discuss] thread about plugin updates last week, effectively saying that we wanted
to take four JIRA items which are causing problems for Windows 10: CB-8926, CB-8928, CB-8930,
and CB-8943.  Since Murat is a committer, he's actually trying to do the release.  We're looking
at device-motion, dialogs, vibration, and camera.

However, as we go through the [release process](,
there are a lot of things that give us pause, specifically that we're going to end up tagging
each plugin rather than just the four.  We're also concerned that we'll bring in unstable
or not-yet-completed changes from 'master' in some of the plugins.  Instead, we're trying
to cherry-pick.

So, we know that where the final state is supposed to be: 
- Each plugin that we're updating gets a new tag with a build-version bump
- The branch that we submitted as the PR should become the new tag (since it was based on
the previous release tag)
- Then we'll go on with the rest of the publish-to-NPM work, etc.

Since all of the steps are automated, is there a straightforward way to cherry-pick the individual
pieces that is known and has been used before?  Or are we in new territory?

-Rob and Murat

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