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From Raymond Camden <>
Subject Behavior of --copy-from
Date Sun, 17 May 2015 14:51:46 GMT
I thought I remember seeing a thread on this, but GMail is being a bit
cranky about how I search today.

I had thought that if you used --copy-from and the directory you used
included www itself, then the folders would be copied over to a new
project and merged in with normal default items.

I just tested with a folder that had 2 items: A .settings directory
and a www directory. While the CLI reported no issues, it did not
create a proper Cordova project. It literally just copied .settings
and www, but didn't do anything else to create a proper Cordova

So I'm guessing that the expectation is that if you do not use a
folder meant to be www, then your source directory should contain
everything required for a proper Cordova project. But that's not
forward-proof though. Imagine if Cordova 6 changes the project
structure a bit so that a Foo folder is required, then I wouldn't be
able to use my source dir w/o changing it. (Which, ok, probably won't

So is this expected? Is this ok with others? Should I file a ER
perhaps to make --copy-from in this situation add the rest of the
project assets?

Raymond Camden, Developer Advocate for MobileFirst at IBM

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