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From Raymond Camden <>
Subject Re: Cordova 5.0 user feedback - move to npm & whitelist plugin
Date Thu, 07 May 2015 16:53:36 GMT
> 2.       Either update the CPM with 1.0 versions of the plugins or have the CLI get core
plugins from npm first then CPR even with the old id. Using the old id because they were hardcoded
in IDEs etc, devs are getting older version of the plugins.

> For (2), I think we should re-visit making whitelist part of the Android platform again
or some other way of enabling network access by default. No network access (XHR) for a platform
by default is a big change that's not well understood and not necessarily more secure. I'm
new to this, but I did not fully understood the goals of moving the whitelisting to a plugin
instead of it being part of the core.

I'm reminded of the bump for 3.0 when everything became a plugin. All
of a sudden, none of the built in stuff (well, previously built in
stuff) worked anymore. I think folks got over that (and
bloggers/presenters/etc repeated it again and again), but this I can
see being a thorn in people's sides for a while. I don't necessarily
have a great answer (I'd like to see more discussion) but I think it
needs reconsidering.

Raymond Camden, Developer Advocate for MobileFirst at IBM

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