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From Rob Paveza <>
Subject [Discuss] Plugins release
Date Fri, 01 May 2015 17:24:46 GMT
I'd like to start a plugins release soon.

With the release of the final version of Windows 10, I've seen some breaks in plugins in Windows
10.  A big detractor has been that Windows 10 doesn't support "AnyCPU" for C# libraries or
references anymore, and then the other common thing that has come up is that code tests for
Phone, but Windows 10 always treats it as just one platform so the test is never true.

Because there are incomplete changes in a few master branches, I'm thinking of cherry-picking
and just bumping the small version parameter (e.g., 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1).  Here are the plugins
that need updates:

- cordova-plugin-device-motion
  - Jira:
  - Pull request / commit:
- cordova-plugin-dialogs
  - Jira:
  - Pull request / commit:
- cordova-plugin-vibration
  - Jira:
  - Pull request / commit:
- cordova-plugin-camera
  - Jira:
  - Commit:
.  We can't do a PR here because there are manual merges involved into master.  We know that
there needs to be one, we'll have one soon.

Pulling in these changes will allow devs who want to try out Windows 10 to work.  They also
fix manual tests run in mobile-spec.


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