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From Rob Paveza <>
Subject Announcing Windows 10 support in cordova-windows
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2015 21:40:02 GMT
Hey Cordova devs - 

You probably saw the pull requests earlier this week, but I'm excited to publish an experimental
prototype of cordova-windows that has support for Windows 10.  Windows 10 itself is still
evolving, but the story for Web Apps on Windows 10 has some new features specifically for

# Hosted Apps and Libraries #
The security model of the Windows Web Apps platform used to substantially constrain the kinds
of things you could do, usually, anything involving inline script or something that would
be considered to be "unsafe" would be blocked altogether.  You had to do work to get around
these restrictions, so dropping Angular in for example wasn't just a single step.  

Windows 10 has a new security model.  Inline script is permitted in the web context (that's
the ms-appx-web:// URI scheme).  It also allows you to use native Windows APIs from the web
context, or an HTTP or HTTPS scheme as long as the origin is declared in the app manifest. 
To that end, the prototype recognizes and honors the <allow-navigation /> tag to provide
Windows Runtime API access to given origins (the <access /> tag is still recognized,
but isn't given WinRT access).  That means that Cordova plugins that use native code will
now work on remote hosts.

# Targeting Windows 10 #
You'll need Visual Studio 2015 RC and the VS tools for Windows 10.  You can get them at 
Don't forget that you'll also need Windows 10 to run the apps --

Make sure that you're using Cordova 5.0.0 or newer, and then at the command line:
> cordova platform add windows@

Add the following line to config.xml:
    <preference name="WindowsTargetVersion" value="10.0" />

And that's it.  We're still working on getting the plugin ecosystem updated - there are a
lot of new APIs that can support things (for example, Battery Status previously didn't work
on desktop PCs, but does now) - but I'm very excited to see what we can do to make Cordova
great on Windows.  For more info, check out the [documentation](
in the repository.  I'm planning to migrate to the docs repository once Windows 10 is official
and all that.

Please feel free to comment and contribute.  For now it's in a separate branch called [windows10](


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