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From ". ." <>
Subject hi cordova team i need help please
Date Sat, 25 Apr 2015 21:03:14 GMT
hi im just wondering if you could help me please. 

Im trying to understand if i HAVE to add the cordovawebview to my application for my app to
be successfully released on the android store because my first app i released was kids draw
and paint that was reliesed 4 weeks ago.
And its still not showing up when i search it by its name, only when i put it like this "kids
draw and paint"

and google are no help what so ever

so do i have to follow the instructions from this page

for my app to be successful and accepted???

if so there is no main.xml file located at /res/xml/main.xml file, theres only config.xml
in the res/xml/ folder.
and i thought your not ment to edit this config file in the res folder cos it gets overwriten
with the config near the top end www folder when you build for the windows 7 command line

so after this long message my questions are

1. do you have to do the manual embed of the webview, for your app to be accepted and show
up when searched by all android devices???

2. and what is the least you have to have in your config.xml file and android manifest, for
it to show in the store for every screen resoultion and every device??

if your team would be able to explain abit about my 2 questions please it would be a great
because your cordova website isnt really made for beginers.

but dont get me wrong cordova is a wicked libuary/program or what ever you all it lol

please find attached my android res config.xml, my top end config.xml and my android manifest
file thank you so much if you can help, because im getting so stressed trying to figger it
out and want to get to my next app

thanks in advance


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