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From Raymond Camden <>
Subject Re: Does Cordova have a problem making developers happy?
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2015 01:16:42 GMT
Like Tommy, I may steal some of these for blog posts -

"People is having troubles connecting with the server, some of them
> because use localhost as the url, others because they don't configure the
> whitelist properly, others for unknow reasons"

As for the debug one, I ask, "Do you know how to remote debug?" about
5-10 times a week now. Sadly, now that it is so DARN easy to debug,
folks just don't seem to know they CAN do it.

On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 6:49 PM, tommy-carlos williams
<> wrote:
> If no one else has time to do something with this list by the time I get free of my current
stress-pile (say a couple weeks from now), I would love to take a crack at it. An FAQ with
not just the list, but actual solutions and examples would be a great resource.
> Even if someone else does it, I might use it as the basis for a series of blog posts
or something. It’s such a good summary of people’s frustrations. I would probably even
have one or two to add from the #phonegap IRC channel.. :/
> --
> tommy-carlos williams
> On 14 April 2015 at 08:16:56, Josh Soref ( wrote:
> So, I want someone to make this into a FAQ, somehow.
> I don't have time today, but it's a really great list.
> Bonus points for getting it Stickied at the top of StackOverflow.
> (obviously, it should include some explanation of how to correct these things,
> and thankfully most are pretty easy to address.)
> Some are probably asking for samples (e.g. a "how to do things slowly/choppily
> w/ left: vs. how to use CSS transitions" -- Raymond?)
> Julio wrote an amazing summary of Cordova Stack Overflow posts:
>> I read most of the questions with cordova tag on stackoverflow and the
>> questions on the google group and I see this problems.
>> - Some people don't read the docs
>> - Some people read the wrong docs (they use cordova 2.9.1 because it's the
>> latest they can download, but read the edge docs and things don't work as
>> expected)
>> - Some people follow old tutorials instead of reading the docs and the
>> things have changed a lot and don't work.
>> - Some people don't need cordova but use it anyway, they just want a
>> webview to show their website
>> - Some people use j***** ****** (I don't want to name it either) and blame
>> cordova for the slowness
>> - With cordova everybody can create apps, but configuring the PATH isn't
>> easy for most people, a lot of questions are realated to this, they didn't
>> configure the PATH, they did it but wrong, they don't know they have to set
>> it (see my first point)
>> - People is still confused about the difference between phonegap, cordova
>> and phonegap build service, I see people using phonegap CLI for local
>> development but try to "install" the plugins putting the phonegap build
>> plugin config line on the config.xml (again, people don't read or don't
>> understand the docs)
>> - People want to use eclipse (now android studio) for the development, they
>> google and see blog post about a plugin, but that plugin is very old and
>> uses phonegap 1.x.x (see my second point)
>> - People is having troubles connecting with the server, some of them
>> because use localhost as the url, others because they don't configure the
>> whitelist properly, others for unknow reasons.
>> - Some of them discover bugs, but instead of reporting them so it can be
>> fixed, just ask on stackoverflow why it doesn't work.
>> - Most people don't know how to debug, then if something doesn't work just
>> complain.
>> - Some people forget to link the cordova.js file, they create the project
>> and replace the index.html with the index.html of their website.
>> - Some people blame cordova when the problem is the webview (old android
>> devices).
>> About people that used cordova and are now developing in native, I bet most
>> of them tried cordova on android 2.x.x with j***** ****** and it was slow,
>> they read the articles about facebook and linkedin dropping html5 and
>> switching to native and did the same, and after the effort they put on
>> learning native development they don't wan't to go back and will tell
>> everybody cordova is bad because it was slow when they tried it years ago.

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