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From Michal Mocny <>
Subject Meeting Notes From Hangout
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2015 18:48:36 GMT
*Time - April 10, 2015, 1:00 PM EST*

*Meeting Notes*

   - cordova-android 4.0
    - Mostly underway, some stickiness in order of releases due to tooling,
      whitelist, npm etc.
       - Mostly resolved by releasing mostly at once
       - do whitelist changes affect iOS?  Do we have to wait for ios 4.0
       - docs reference it.. even if its not applicable yet, we need to
         make the docs clear and not confusing at release time.
          - AI: with new tools new app hello world, may be bumpy to install
      older cordova-android versions (note: won't happen by default) due to
      whitelist plugin requirements.
       - AI: bit more guidance in this latest release for people who want
      just Crosswalk etc.
       - Have a DISCUSSION thread to nail it down, and then VOTE to get it
           - ApacheCon
    - Some people going :)
       - Brian will be wearing a hat, most likely. Andrew said that the hat
      will have feathers
       - Contact Info will go out to the ML so everyone can find each other
       - platform/plugin save is good
    - plugins -> npm phase 1 update
    - Waiting to release CLI
       - But plugins have a big change coming
       - We did add peerDependencies, but not really using them at all
       - Do we sync versions between CPR and NPM?
       - Doesn't quite matter, but may simplify bug tracking etc
          - AI: better docs for new plugin ids.  People are actually adding
      new PR for changing the names back!  Our docs on master still
reference old
       - AI: start a DISCUSS thread about auto-update of cli
    - Cool demo of
    - Should we send notifications?  Certainly, but so noisy right now.
      Maybe just a daily summary?  Maybe only when state changes / new
tests fail?
       - Should we add support for PR?  Maybe, but lets just get it green
       - Should we delete some of the bad tests, or just mark them as
      pending (aka run them, but ignore the results)
       - ParaMedic?  Similar, but mostly for PR checking, using
       - Problem is it cannot test multi-platform, so just sticking to iOS
         sim for now.
           - GitHub issues / wiki?
    - Issues: We have so many repos.. how would we coordinate?
       - Not a clear-cut win, but users do want to go to issues
       - Already kinda using this via and coho guides, and via PR
      comment threads
       - Wiki: Use docs repo?
       - What about translations?
       - docs files vs wiki vs GH pages?  How does it affect SEO so users
      can find it?
       - 1st choice: investigate GH wiki
          - 2nd choice: move our docs over to GH pages
           - AI: Don't forget to chat about peerDependencies later
    - package.json workflow:
    - Demos and discussions :)
       - Sorry, I was the one demoing and talking, didn't take notes!
       - next steps: dive deep into cordova-lib and:
       - decouple it from cordova-cli
          - distill a cordova-lib API core - whatever that may entail

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