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From Josh Soref <>
Subject RE: Does Cordova have a problem making developers happy?
Date Mon, 13 Apr 2015 22:13:45 GMT
Raymond wrote:
> Would it make sense - on the doc home page (Guides) to add a sentence
> at top, below the title "Guides", that says:

We should do something.

> "You are reading the documentation for Cordova X. You can switch
> versions by using the drop down at the upper right."

I don't think this is the right something.

It needs to say something like "This is documentation for Cordova X, which was 
obsoleted on {DATE}, the current version is Y, which was released on {DATE} 
please see {reference} for more current documentation."
Or something scarier.

W3C has a similar problem -- it's hard to write decent "This is obsolete" and 
"These are not the droids you're looking for" annotations.

> > - Some people use j***** ****** (I don't want to name it either) and
> blame
> > cordova for the slowness
> Oh come on now - jQuery Mobile has come a long way. If it isn't fair
> to blame Cordova for people doing bad things w/ their web assets then
> it isn't fair to blame JQM for being slow when it first came out. :)

Well, actually.

He's blaming it the same way he's blaming us.

JQM didn't knock on the door of those developers and say "hey, you're using an 
ancient version of our product, and you're doing it badly; please upgrade, and 
please stop doing {list of stupid things -- ideally tailored}".

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