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From Sachax>
Subject Re: Proposal: Expose check_reqs at the CLI level
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2015 07:37:43 GMT
Absolutely +1

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> On 13 Apr 2015, at 20:53, Parashuram N (MS OPEN TECH) <>
> Hi,
> One of the main problems a lot of developers seem to have is the issue to setting up
their machines for building various platforms. This came out from the Stack overflow survey,
and the number of questions on stack overflow, twitter. Etc.
> I thought it would be helpful to have a check_reqs command exposed at the CLI level.
This is similar to `brew doctor` or `appium doctor`. The idea is
> 1.       Have a way for the user to see if they have all dependencies (like JAVA_HOME
or ANDROID_HOME) set up? This happens at build time, but moving it out to a CLI level command
where you can run cordova check_reqs (or something similar) would be useful to the users.
> 2.       Today, the build command shows one error at a time. The check_reqs could run
all the checks, and show a summary of the issues so that the user can fix them all, instead
of fixing one, running build, fixing again, etc.
> What does the community think of this idea ? Can we implement a prototype and see if
this is useful to our developers ?
> Note that this does not change or break existing functionality - it just exposes the
already existing check_reqs in the CLI. Build will continue to call check_reqs.
> Please vote on this proposal, or raise any concerns you may have.

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