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From Rob Paveza <>
Subject RE: Experimenting with API for cordova tooling
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2015 16:33:51 GMT
This is a cool project.  I'm curious, how much work do you think it'd be to refactor the cordova
CLI to interact with the projects via the PlatformProject interface?  We've been talking about
how we could pull some of the cordova-lib platform-specific dependencies out and put them
into the platforms (one example that comes to mind is having platform-specific parameters
on plugin), so that platform-specific code lives in the platform implementation rather than
cordova-lib.  Having each platform derive from PlatformProject seems like an excellent first
step, since (at least between -lib and -windows) once -lib hands off the project to the platform
code, it's just go time.

What do you think the next steps are in terms of your API shape and plans?  Where do you see
needing help most, where can I pitch in to get your project going more?

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From: Mark Koudritsky [] 
Sent: Friday, April 10, 2015 12:50 PM
Subject: Experimenting with API for cordova tooling

From today's hangout discussion, here are the links to our experiments with using cordova
tooling via API rather than CLI.

It is loosely based on my older experiments here

But his time there is a separate wrapper that exposes a more object oriented API and reaches
deeper into cordova-lib. It introduces a central object called PlatformProject that represents
a single platform. The wrapper is here:
Please consider it experimental and feel free to fork and play with it.

A demo app that uses this wrapper

The ServiceWorker-to-Cordova script that uses the same wrapper

I'll also be giving a presentation about this at ApacheCon next week, draft slides are here
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