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From "Parashuram N (MS OPEN TECH)" <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] cordova-wp8 + Newtonsoft.JSON
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2015 18:13:52 GMT
I think we can use option 4 - distributing DLLs of third party software is fine - we only need
to ensure that it is clean from an IP perspective. I think 4 is the best option as you said,
and we could ask the author of the library about any potential patent issues. I also think
that Apache puts the due diligence of IP and patent responsibility on the committers 

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From: Jesse [] 
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2015 11:05 AM
Subject: [DISCUSS] cordova-wp8 + Newtonsoft.JSON

We have several options, of varying difficulty, legal responsibility, risk, and technical

1. Redistribute Newtonsoft.JSON (NJ) source code as part of every new
cordova-wp8 project
  - it's a lot of code to add to the project, more that cordova-wp8 itself
  - we completely control our dependencies and will never fall out of sync

2. Redistribute NJ source as part of the library and have every new
cordova-wp8 project link to it.
  - some added complexity, but technically sound, and not as wasteful seeming as #1
  - we could have issues with dependencies if NJ included source changes between cordova-wp8

3. Redistribute NJ source, build it when cordova-wp8 is installed on the users machine, add
the .dll to every new cordova-wp8 project.
   - same issues/benefits as #2, some added complexity

4. Redistribute NJ as a pre-built dll and as part of the wp8 template.
  - I like this best, but we have to dig through legal some more.

5. Do some magic with nuget dependencies so VS will download it.
  - lots of unknowns ( to me, others may know more )
  - can only create cordova-wp8 projects when online ( Android already has this restriction

6. Redistribute NJ as a cordova-wp8  plugin and make it a dependency of
  - a little awkward, but doable

7. Do nothing
  - realistically wp8 should be deprecated soon, wp8.1 has much more to offer, and win10 is
on the horizon. We could just let the sun set.

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