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From "Homer, Tony" <>
Subject Re: Plugins to NPM (Phase 1)
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2015 19:45:29 GMT
I¹ll try to answer some of Leo¹s questions, but it would be great if
someone else (Steve?) could comment.

First, though, I¹ll ask a question of my own.
Is there a doc or JIRA task for tracking all of the activity related to
moving plugins to NPM?
There was the Google Doc that was created last hangout for tracking
the proposal, but it doesn¹t list JIRAs and hasn¹t been updated since
I found CB-8529, CB-8538 and CB-8551 but they are not linked to a master
task JIRA.
This is not a jab at Steve at all, I¹m just wondering if there is or
should be a reference for this set of tasks (other than staying caught up
with reading the list)?

On to Leo¹s questions-

Will the release be named Cordova 5.0?
Unknown at this time?  It seems like this will require a co-ordinated
release of CLI, Tools and
Plugins, with major version bumps for all.

Will it trigger a major revision bump?

What is the current estimate for the release?

I would say ³when it¹s done² but it would be great to get a more specific
I¹m not sure if that¹s possible?

If release of Phase 1 occurs on April 1 does this mean that the CPR
becomes read-only on July 1 and is
deleted on Oct 1?
I think the real driver was that there is an external hosting issue with
CPR after Oct. 1.
The 3 month period was adopted so provide a transition window, but there
is a hard stop on or around Oct. 1.
Steve had mentioned this somewhere but I can¹t find it now.

-  On Oct 1, all previous releases of Cordova CLI (< 5.0) will immediately
be "broken"?

Yes, that is my understanding, although in reading back over the
discussion I don¹t see where it is explicitly addressed.
I was assuming that this is intended in part as a forcing function.


On 3/20/15, 11:05 AM, "Treggiari, Leo" <> wrote:

>I have a few questions about Phase 1 (and beyond) as I plan how to
>migrate the Intel XDK and existing user projects through this change.
>-  Will the release be named Cordova 5.0?  This seems worthy of a major
>bump for the CLI in addition to the plugins.
>-  What is the current estimate for the release?  I assume soon.
>-  For the purpose of my questions, I'll assume the release occurs on
>April 1.  This means that the CPR becomes read-only on July 1 and is
>deleted on Oct 1?
>-  On Oct 1, all previous releases of Cordova CLI (< 5.0) will
>immediately be "broken"?  That is, they cannot add new plugins, they
>cannot "restore" plugins, etc.  "Local" and "git repo" plugins continue
>to work, but my assumption is that the vast majority of plugins come from
>CPR (soon to be npm).
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Steven Gill []
>Sent: Monday, March 09, 2015 5:20 PM
>Subject: Update: Plugins to NPM (Phase 1)
>Our master branch has plugin fetching from npm set as the fallback now. It
>will go directly to npm if the plugin-id entered isn't reverse domain name
>style. Cordova-lib also warns users to use the package-name instead of
>plugin-id when adding plugins that we have renamed and are in
>Plugins TODO:
>- README: Move doc/en/ into Delete doc/en/ Add
>links in that point to github page of translated docs for
>I'd love to hear from someone (Victor?) working on docs translations about
>how this change will impact them.
>- Rename plugin-ids to new plugin names in plugin.xml. Anything we should
>be aware of before we do this? (Ex. rename org.apache.cordova.device to
>cordova-plugin-device in plugin.xml)
>- Add peer dependencies to plugins that depend on other plugins (file,
>media-capture, etc)
>- Paramedic support for every plugin
>- Major version bump for all core plugins
>- Update plugins release process to use package.json version as main
>version and have it update plugin.xml's version. Will do this when we do
>next release
>Migration TODO:
>- Create blog post talking about migration to npm for community
>- include how we are renaming, suggest they do so if they want to. Will
>suggest they follow the pattern cordova-plugin-*
>- mention for
>- include potential lifespan of CPR (publishing and read only)
>- Discuss plugman createpackage.json command
>- Discuss keyword: 'ecosystem:cordova'
>Thoughts? Missing anything?
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