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From "Homer, Tony" <>
Subject Re: Why no onStart/onStop for Cordova Android plugins?
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2015 19:44:00 GMT
Thanks for the response and the tip!
I¹ll submit a JIRA and a PR sometime soon.

As an aside, any chance we can get a preview of your ApacheCon
I really need to learn how to set up my environment the right way!

On 3/9/15, 12:05 PM, "Andrew Grieve" <> wrote:

>I see no reason we couldn't add onStart / onStop.
>As an aside, if you're okay with supporting only ICS+, you can use
>Application.registerActivityLifecycleCallbacks() as a work-around.
>On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 11:23 AM, Homer, Tony <> wrote:
>> I assumed that this must have been discussed at some point, but I
>> find anything in the list archives or JIRA.
>> I¹m guessing that there might be some practical issues with
>> and plugin loading timing, but it seems like if there are issues like
>> they could be addressed somehow.
>> I¹m asking about this because we have an internal request to enable apps
>> to override onStart/onStop in the Intel XDK build system in order to
>> support plugins that want to handle onStart/onStop.
>> My initial response was ³why not use onResume/onPause², but some plugin
>> authors apparently believe that onStart/onStop are the lifecycle events
>> they need.
>> For example, the Flurry plugin instructions direct users to override
>> onStart and onStop in their activity in order to handle onStop:
>> There are other analytics plugins that want to know about onStart/onStop
>> instead of onPause/onResume.
>> Obviously it is possible to modify your activity in order to do this in
>> your project, but if this capability is important, it should be possible
>> without abandoning the Cordova Way.
>> So I was wondering what you guys think?
>> onPause/onResume should be good enough for anyone?
>> onStart/onStop are edge cases that users need to handle by modifying
>> activity?
>> onStart/onStop cannot be handled by plugins due to timing issues?
>> Thanks!
>> Tony
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