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From "Homer, Tony" <>
Subject Why no onStart/onStop for Cordova Android plugins?
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2015 15:23:32 GMT
I assumed that this must have been discussed at some point, but I couldn’t find anything
in the list archives or JIRA.
I’m guessing that there might be some practical issues with onStart/onStop and plugin loading
timing, but it seems like if there are issues like this they could be addressed somehow.

I’m asking about this because we have an internal request to enable apps to override onStart/onStop
in the Intel XDK build system in order to support plugins that want to handle onStart/onStop.
My initial response was “why not use onResume/onPause”, but some plugin authors apparently
believe that onStart/onStop are the lifecycle events they need.

For example, the Flurry plugin instructions direct users to override onStart and onStop in
their activity in order to handle onStop:
There are other analytics plugins that want to know about onStart/onStop instead of onPause/onResume.
Obviously it is possible to modify your activity in order to do this in your project, but
if this capability is important, it should be possible without abandoning the Cordova Way.

So I was wondering what you guys think?
onPause/onResume should be good enough for anyone?
onStart/onStop are edge cases that users need to handle by modifying their activity?
onStart/onStop cannot be handled by plugins due to timing issues?


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