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From Shazron <>
Subject Re: Setting config.json values
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2015 17:19:01 GMT
The help still says CONFIG is an option:
cordova create <PATH> [ID [NAME [CONFIG]]] [options] [PLATFORM...]

and config handling seems to still be there..

.. so I think it's a bug. Two things here:
1. this bug
2. PLATFORM is not defined in the create help (I know it should be
obvious, but...)

On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 6:57 AM, John M. Wargo <> wrote:
> Earlier this month, there was a conversation on this thread about enabling
> auto saving of plugin information to the project's config.json file
> (.cordova/config.json, right?) by setting auto_save_plugins to true in the
> file.
> I responded on that thread suggesting that users would be able to set this
> value by passing the configuration value on the command line to the cordova
> create command like so:
>     cordova create test com.johnwargo.test Test
> {\"auto_save_plugins\":\"true\"}
> Shouldn't this be a viable way to enable users to automagically set this
> value?
> The problem is that this CLI feature no longer seems to work. Last fall, I
> was able to set the plugin search path using the following:
>     cordova create test2 com.johnwargo.test2 Test2
> "{\"plugin_search_path\":\"d:/dev\"}"
> But I just tested it (for a second time on a different system) and that
> capability, passing config.json values on the command line to create, no
> longer seems to be working. Did I miss something? Was this feature removed?
> Or should I submit a ticket on this issue?
> Currently the SAP Mobile Platform Hybrid SDK ships as a local installer, the
> plugins aren't in the plugin registry or even github. The plugins have local
> dependencies (the AppUpdate plugin relies upon capabilities exposed by the
> Logon plugin) and the Cordova CLI isn't able to resolve them locally without
> the plugin_search_path being set. We've instructed users to use this
> feature, but now it seems it's not working. Can someone confirm?
> Since plugin_search_path is valuable for SAP customers and auto_save_plugins
> is important for this new save/restore capability, is it time to design a
> simpler approach to allow developers to easily set these properties as
> needed for their projects?  It seems that having a create command parameter
> that points to a configuration file containing default settings for the
> project would be a useful thing to have.
> What says the group?
> --
> John M. Wargo
> @johnwargo <>
> <>
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