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From "Dmitriy Barkalov (Akvelon)" <>
Subject RE: Medic Improvements
Date Mon, 16 Mar 2015 13:41:20 GMT
Hi Willy,

I suppose just deleting repositories from cordova-repos.json will not help. Medic uses mobile-spec
application to run plugin tests. It has both media and media-capture plugins as a dependencies
So the `createmobilespec` step will fail in current medic (as well as Dmitry's version).

A good solution will be to implement special parameter to createmobilespec script to be able
to specify a list of plugins to be included in mobile-spec app. After it we could add conditional
step to medic that will executes createmobilespec script with limited list of plugins in case
Firefox OS platform is building.

Regards, Dmitriy

-----Original Message-----
From: Willy Aguirre [] 
Sent: Monday, March 16, 2015 4:15 PM
Subject: Re: Medic Improvements

Hi Dmitry,

I am working in add Firefox OS platform I had problem with with some plugins media and
mediacapture because itself doesn't suppor. In cordova-repos.json when I run in console $
buildslave start slave_firefoxos I have to remove:
    "title" : "MEDIA",
    "repo"  : "",
    "category" : "CORDOVA-PLUGIN",
    "release" : "master",
    "current" :"master"
    "title" : "MEDIACAPTURE",
    "repo"  : "",
    "category" : "CORDOVA-PLUGIN",
    "release" : "master",
    "current" :"master"


2015-03-14 22:49 GMT-05:00 Dmitry Blotsky <>:

> Hi list,
> I have made a PR with some code cleanup and slight redesign for Medic, 
> and I would like to please request a code review from folks in the 
> community when it would be convenient for them! The PR is here:
> For those interested 
> in the details but not in reviewing the code, below are a list of 
> changes and their justifications and a list of the specific 
> incompatibilities with the previous medic code.
> Code Changes and Reasons:
> 1.       Putting private data into a private file: this was done to remove
> passwords from the repo
> 2.       Splitting config into several files: this was done so that the
> config can be extended locally without affecting other installations 
> that share code (i.e. Apache Infra Buildbot)
> 3.       Removing PlatformTestBase and its child classes: this was done in
> favour of using build properties to modify build steps instead of hard 
> platform code as much as possible
> 4.       Using Buildbot Properties to pass parameters to builds: this was
> done so that medic doesn’t need to be reconfigured/restarted to run 
> parametrized builds, which allows it to run in Apache Infrastructure 
> and enables faster development
> 5.       Adding step wrappers: this was done to reduce the probability of
> errors by setting sensible defaults for values that are easily forgotten
> 6.       Removing categories from repo config: this was done to reduce
> code complexity for the checkout steps
> Incompatibilities:
> 1.       The format of the `cordova-repos.json` file has changed; current
> files will need to simply be reformatted to match the new format, and 
> they will work with the new medic code
> 2.       Semantics of the `cordova-config.json` file have changed, and
> current setups will stop being able to control some of medic’s 
> behaviour using their current files; namely, builders and schedulers 
> are now configured in cordova.conf, and  some platform settings have 
> been removed (e.g. iOS keychain information)
> Kindly,
> Dmitry

Willy Aguirre | @willrre
Mozilla Rep: Mozilla Hispano - Willyaguirre <>

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