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From Tim Barham <>
Subject Simulating Cordova plugins and device capabilities
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2015 09:04:27 GMT
Hey everyone... I would like to introduce a proposal and proof-of-concept prototype that we
have been working on. The proposal is to provide a tool/feature that allows you to simulate
Cordova plugins and device capabilities when a Cordova app is launched in your desktop browser.

The goals for this proposal were:

1. Keep the simulation UI out of the app's window.
2. Provide an extensible model for simulating plugins and device capabilities.

I've created some resources to introduce the proposal:

* Document describing the proposal and the proof-of-concept prototype:
* Short video demonstrating the prototype:
* Document describing how to install the prototype to try it for yourself:

I'd like to emphasize that the prototype was developed purely as a proof-of-concept, and is
not intended to suggest the final implementation.

We'd greatly appreciate it if members of the Cordova community could take a look and provide
feedback - any and all feedback is welcome! But as a starting point:

* What do you think of the idea in general?
* Where should it live? In cordova-browser (like the prototype)? A separate Cordova module?
Entirely external to Cordova?
* What are the must-have features for an initial release? How would we like to see it evolve
in the future?
* Any thoughts on implementation details?

Thanks, and looking forward to your input!


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