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From "Gorkem Ercan" <>
Subject Re: Some thoughts/questions on the new --save feature
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2015 18:14:47 GMT

You can enable auto save by adding auto_save_plugins to be true on the 
.cordova/config.json file. I think this helps with the case 1

On 3 Mar 2015, at 9:27, Raymond Camden wrote:

> 1) Is there any reason why --save isn't true by default? It would seem
> that in a majority of cases I'd want to save my plugins to the
> configuration file. I definitely see times when I would *not* want to
> do so, but it seems like that would be the minority of cases.
> 2) This is probably an edge case, but...
> One of the things I do when building Cordova examples is put up my www
> folder in a repo. My thinking is that my readers can grab the repo,
> and then make a new project and use --copy-from to grab the folder.
> This gives them my www crap and lets them go crazy.
> For plugins, I've been using a readme file to tell users what to do.
> I'd like to make use of this new feature to persist plugins and save
> users at least one step. (In theory they would just need to add the
> platform they want to test on.)
> But in order to do so, I can't just ship the www folder, I have to
> ship an entire Cordova project. That isn't a big deal per se, but it
> does mean they would need to copy a folder manually, possibly modify
> the app id, and then start working on the assets.
> Given that I think my use case is probably pretty minor, is there some
> thought as to how one could distribute sample code and make use of
> this feature?
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