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From Jay Proulx <>
Subject Re: Maintaining App Data When Switching WebViews
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2015 14:28:03 GMT
For iOS you can use the new shared keychain, and for android you can
persist data to google drive to share across applications.

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On 2015-02-12, 4:05 PM, "Josh Bavari" <> wrote:

>Here at Ionic, we've had a few users request something like this. My
>approach has been to create a Cordova plugin, that takes the following
>Creates an instance of the original webview
>Executes some JS inside the webview that will grab all entries for
>If Android pre KIT_KAT or more, executed JS calls a JSInterface to pass
>data back to native land
>If KIT_KAT or greater, calls evaluateJavascript
>Those values are read, and passed back to the original webview
>From there, it'd go through the keys, and add them into the new webview
>See this repo for my work in progress:
>On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 1:46 PM, Andrew Grieve <>
>> Worth a discussion about this, I think.
>> If you have an app already launched that uses localstorage/websql, and
>> to switch to xwalk, how can you migrate your data?
>> What if you want to use system webview for API >= 21 and xwalk only for
>> phones? Then you need to move data in the reverse direction.
>> Idea 1:
>> - See if sqlite / localstorage databases are the same format, and
>> code that migrates db locations
>> Idea 2:
>> - Use wizcorp's multi-window plugin to create a new an off-screen system
>> webview, then use post-message to read data out of the old one.
>> WDYT? Is this a problem we need to solve?
>"Clear thoughts produce clear results."
>Josh Bavari
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