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From Dmitry Blotsky <>
Subject Cordova Automated Testing
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2015 00:30:51 GMT
Hi list,

Over the past few weeks, I've developed an automated mobilespec-like tool in the process of
resuscitating Cordova's CI. It's tentatively called cordova-medivac, and it can currently
be found here: I'd like to pitch it to the community
as a potential alternative or replacement for mobilespec. There have been several tools in
the past few weeks on the list, and I've tried to incorporate the features they have into
this tool.

It contains the following new features:

-          Testing any list of plugins at a time - not just the core ones; they're passed
as a CLI argument

-          Support for "new-style" plugin-test-framework-only tests, as well just pure Jasmine
spec files that don't use test-framework

-          No manual interaction required - it is very basic and just runs the Jasmine tests
as soon as it starts

-          Very little code - it basically just creates a simple dummy app with plugins (like

-          Cleaner code - some refactoring was done to remove a few code smells

-          No flaky UI

-          Optionally reporting test results to a URI (currently assumed to be a CouchDB server)

Current shortcomings:

-          The special plugins inside cordova-mobile-spec that contain tests have not yet
been copied over

-          The code is similar, so some functionality is not exactly the same, so it's not
100% compatible with mobilespec

-          Some error-checking is still missing (like verifying that CLI/JS/lib are locally
linked instead of global)

-          Cordova-JS Grunt build task is not being automatically run on creation

-          Barebones hard-coded list of "core" plugins; doesn't include convenience lists
like the new ones in mobilespec

-          Doesn't support current manual tests

I'd like to ask you if you would support any of the following proposed ideas:

-          Reach 100% parity and replace cordova-mobile-spec with this tool or,

-          If not replace, then port some of the code cleanup and new features from  this
tool back to mobilespec or,

-          Use this tool for the CI (cordova-medic) only, and keep using mobilespec for other


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