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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: Automatically installing missing platforms from cli
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2015 19:33:38 GMT
Michael Brooks wrote:
>By the sounds of it, the Cordova team is not in agreement on whether we
>should auto-add platforms with the Cordova CLI.

Seems like a reasonable summary

>My two cents is: Fil Maj and I created the Cordova CLI to be an explicit
>CLI tool that produced parseable output for programmatic consumption. It's
>a tool for distributions to use.

Good to know

>The PhoneGap CLI, on the other hand,
>is a simple CLI that helps the user and produced human-readable output.
>It's a tool for human use.

As a point of reference (which supports derivatives doing other things,
but doesn't have any impact on what cordova-cli should do),
webworks auto adds blackberry10 when you run `webworks create directory`

>That said, this philosophy has been long lost - the
>Cordova CLI is absolutely awful at programmatic usage.

Yeah, we've mostly switched to using cordova-lib instead, and probably
places where we still use cordova-cli (as opposed to just falling through
to it) are bugs.

>The implementation is trivial but this discussion is important.


> As a team, the Cordova contributors need to decide what they want.
>The worse thing that can happen is for this feature to be force pushed
> `master` without a positive consensus.

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