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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: platforms/plugins save and restore from config.xml
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2015 19:26:28 GMT
Leo wrote:
>I had asked some questions about save and restore a while back

>One of my biggest questions was why would these commands be an option?

I can't think of any reasons.

>  What I'm looking for, as soon as possible, is that Cordova 'project'
>metadata is stored logically and consistently so that the CLI and
>multiple IDEs could simultaneously work on the same project and know
>about what each other have done wrt. adding/removing

Seems reasonable

>Does removing experimental advance that goal or does it, as Michal says,
>put obstacles in the path of getting there by requiring long term support
>of an incomplete and possibly confusing (more options?) solution?

I think Michal is right.

It probably makes more sense to integrate the code behind save/restore
into (platform|plugin) add and (something) so that it automatically just

I'm not sure offhand what 'restore' would look like in a such a model
Also worth considering is the recent request for `cordova run

`cordova run not-installed-platform` (CB-8283) should honor the values
from `cordova platform save`

That might be the replacement for 'restore', although it probably isn't

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