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From "Parashuram N (MS OPEN TECH)" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Tools Release
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2015 03:16:13 GMT
+1 to removing that specific commit and continuing with the release
process. I have also forked this thread where we should continue the
discussion (so as not to overload the DISCUSS thread).

On 1/5/15, 6:43 PM, "Andrew Grieve" <> wrote:

>Josh - thanks for pointing out that the change isn't working as intended.
>did some testing before merging, but didn't try the error conditions.
>I've just reverted the one to CLI that enables the flag. Let's move
>with releasing :)
>Also noticed that if you have an older-than-master version of android
>installed in your project, then you get:
>$ cordova run --list
>Running command:
>ERROR : Run option '--list' not recognized.
>ERROR running one or more of the platforms: Error:
>Command failed with exit code 2
>You may not have the required environment or OS to run this project
>I actually do like the syntax of "cordova run --list", since the run
>command is the thing that --target is relevant to anyways. Maybe
>"--list-targets" would be more explicit? Adding  "cordova target add"
>be overstepping I think. You can add Android emulator targets as well, but
>us writing a wrapper for the logic would just make things more complicated
>I think.
>I do think that having cordova-lib look for the existence of
>the list-emulator-images and list-devices scripts makes sense, and just
>have it call them directly.
>On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 5:29 PM, Josh Soref <> wrote:
>> Murat Sutunc wrote:
>> >1) When provided with an unknown extra parameter, such as --list in
>> >case, all the platforms ignore it. This looks like the expected
>> >as there are several issues in Jira related to it. (ex. See bug
>>CB-6676 -
>> >
>> >%20text%20~%20%22ignore%20parameter%22). Exit code 1 on Blackberry
>> >like a bug.
>> * 1: not implemented / unsupported command
>> I believe that what windows phone was doing was correct. And if someone
>> changing the contract, they failed to update the contract.
>> >
>> >2) Introducing 'target' as a top level option seems like a new
>> >My thoughts were to avoid having a new top level command for listing
>> >devices but I would like to hear others opinions on this as well. I
>> >think 'target' might not be the best choice of keyword here as it's
>> >already part of 'run' and it's easy to get confused:
>> >       cordova run --target=FOO
>> >       cordova target --list
>> Not --list, just plain "list". As in "cordova platform list", and
>> plugin list", it's a commonly used idiom in cordova.
>> >3) I don¹t understand the 'cordova target add' command completely. Is
>> >an alias to 'cordova platform add'?
>> No.
>> For blackberry10 you can configure a "target" which is a name for a set
>> settings (including an ip address/dns name, whether it is a
>> device/simulator, and a device password). You can then use run
>> --target=foo.
>> >4) 'Each platform should already support the list-* commands' is
>> >currently not true. firefoxos, browser, Ubuntu don¹t support it.
>> Those platforms aren't complete, it's part of the contract, but we
>> have a good way of handling missing components of lib/ ‹ if they don't
>> exist (we can check for this), or aren't implemented (they return a
>> standard value).
>> The way you've implemented it with run, there's no way to look before
>> leap, which results in the failure that you introduced for blackberry10.

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