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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Tools Release
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2015 22:29:54 GMT
Murat Sutunc wrote:
>1) When provided with an unknown extra parameter, such as --list in this
>case, all the platforms ignore it. This looks like the expected behavior
>as there are several issues in Jira related to it. (ex. See bug CB-6676 -
>%20text%20~%20%22ignore%20parameter%22). Exit code 1 on Blackberry seems
>like a bug.

* 1: not implemented / unsupported command

I believe that what windows phone was doing was correct. And if someone is
changing the contract, they failed to update the contract.

>2) Introducing 'target' as a top level option seems like a new proposal.
>My thoughts were to avoid having a new top level command for listing
>devices but I would like to hear others opinions on this as well. I also
>think 'target' might not be the best choice of keyword here as it's
>already part of 'run' and it's easy to get confused:
>	cordova run --target=FOO
>	cordova target --list

Not --list, just plain "list". As in "cordova platform list", and "cordova
plugin list", it's a commonly used idiom in cordova.

>3) I don’t understand the 'cordova target add' command completely. Is it
>an alias to 'cordova platform add'?


For blackberry10 you can configure a "target" which is a name for a set of
settings (including an ip address/dns name, whether it is a
device/simulator, and a device password). You can then use run

>4) 'Each platform should already support the list-* commands' is
>currently not true. firefoxos, browser, Ubuntu don’t support it.

Those platforms aren't complete, it's part of the contract, but we already
have a good way of handling missing components of lib/ — if they don't
exist (we can check for this), or aren't implemented (they return a
standard value).

The way you've implemented it with run, there's no way to look before you
leap, which results in the failure that you introduced for blackberry10.

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