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From Michal Mocny <>
Subject Cordova Hangout Meeting Notes (January 2015)
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2015 19:49:08 GMT
Great meeting everyone, lots discussed and lots established.

Here is a link to the YouTube archive:

Here are the meeting notes:

*Meeting Notes - AI: PR to add api target change to android 3.7 blog post-
AI: Tools release next week to pin android 3.7 by default- AI: Update the
release docs as you go for android next time- ApacheCon- MS will be there-
Google will be there- IBM is working on it, but limited options.  TBD-
Don't target end users, target ourselves and/or other Apache folk-
Browserify- AI: Lets all read doc and comment on list- To think about:
--link- Should we create a "working group", video hangout to focus on this
task?- cordova-ios:- pluggable webviews are landing, so you can select-
There will be a cordova-ios 3.8 release- There is a 4.0.x branch for ios
which has pluggable webviews- still have to test with web server for
wkwebview- There are still a few issues with plugins: Camera, File, but
mostly works- the bugfix for ios is still not in ios 8.2- Phase 1:
publishing plugins to npm- Any concerns about moving forward with this?-
Parasuram wants to make sure we don't lose current registry for the users
already using it.- Can add keywords to package.json keywords!  Cool idea.-
Not used to decide if is a plugin, still use plugin.xml for that- But can
be used to build websites that list npm- generate package.json using
plugman- platforms tag in package.json- Idea: move to keywords instead, ie.
cordova-supported-platform-android- AI: bikeshedding, lets move to ML-
Apparently lots of concerns about this whole things- bikeshedding, move
back to ML- Idea: what about always download from CPR first, and fallback
to npm?- This way, you *have* to rename your plugin packageid to download
to npm- We re-publish plugins with hooks that inform users to change
"cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.*" to "cordova plugin add
cordova-plugin-*"- Gorkems save/restore work- Go ahead!- explicit saves,
auto restores for plugins, restore platforms only once there are referred
to (ie, cordova run ios will add ios from pinned version)- AI: Mefire to
merge his PR for --save with Gorkem’s changes- Medic Nightly CI
(Parashuram)- - Phase 2: adding package.json - New Faces:- Nikhil (PR for
browser platform, waiting on review)- Mefire (PR for save/restore)- Murat
(--list, jshint, cordova-android for windows)*

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