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From Andrey Kurdumov <>
Subject Re: Thought on improving translation and docs
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2015 22:53:04 GMT
Make is good idea. I definitely interested in faster generation time.
The only reasonable tool for me from JS community is Jake. Gulp and Grunt
would not provide any additional benefit for my implementation.
I'm not even sure that Rake would be more maintainable solution then
implementing logic in the application itself.

With my last improvements for CB-8246. On my PC full generation time went
down from 1584 sec to 1111 sec. See [1]

Right now the fastest way to improve overall generation time is to chain
post-processing steps in such way that
a) cheerio would not parse HTML each step
b) Intermediate results would not be written to the disk.
That's hopefully would bring us additional ~20-30% improvements from
current state.

After that bottleneck would be in joDoc-js, hopefully that's also has
enough places for improvements.

Maybe after that changes I would be able to regenerate single file, to
speedup subsequent generation even further.


2015-01-05 22:15 GMT+06:00 Josh Soref <>:

> We should consider trying to have Make like rules so that we can avoid
> rebuilding content if the underlying elements haven't changed…
> I'm also in favor of trying to share images across things.
> On 1/5/15, 10:17 AM, "Andrew Grieve" <> wrote:
> >Awesome stuff. I'll look at your PR today.
> >
> >Only reason I suspected images as a problem is that the docs directory on
> >the website ( is
> >currently 773MB. Not great, but I guess not too terrible :P
> >
> >On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 7:24 AM, Andrey Kurdumov <>
> >wrote:
> >
> >> I take measures and find that most of the time is spend inside of
> >>'Adding
> >> Title', 'Building TOC' and 'Merging files' step.
> >> Each of that steps take 3-4 seconds. Other steps takes less then half
> >>of a
> >> second.
> >>
> >> Average generation time for language is 24 seconds. Upper part of
> >> distribution is non-English translations.
> >> Most English docs takes 13-15 seconds to generate.
> >> Other European languages 20-24 seconds.
> >> Japanese, Korean and Chinese 25-31
> >>
> >> The pull request for the docs generator with timing swtich is
> >>
> >>
> >> @Andrew From what I see that static content ~9M is not give us too much
> >> problem if we not upload everything again after regeneration.
> >> If uploading only new docs it will be ~100M overhead. I definitely will
> >>try
> >> to reduce duplication, but right now it does not give me too much
> >> pain so I will improve that specific place. Maybe I'm not aware about
> >>other
> >> side-effects and processes where this duplication is increased?

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