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From "Gorkem Ercan" <>
Subject Re: platforms/plugins save and restore from config.xml
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2015 00:13:30 GMT

On 8 Jan 2015, at 17:29, Mefire O. wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am a big fan of the experimental "save" and "restore" features that 
> are in the CLI and saw that Gorkem has also created another PR 
> ( ) to have a setting to 
> auto persist/restore plugin versions which is a really interesting 
> idea.

Glad it helps someone. The current PR is for plugins and I will send a 
PR for platforms too. The ultimate goal is to be able to remove 
platforms and plugins folder completely.

> On a related note, one issue I ran into with platform save/restore is 
> when you need to involve multiple operating systems for a given 
> project.  Ex: Targeting say iOS, Windows, and Ubuntu from the same 
> project or simply have some team members on OSX or Linux while others 
> are on Windows - you need to be able to "save" or "restore" only 
> platforms that run on the OS you are currently using.
> For the restore situation, it seems to make quite a bit of sense to 
> use any version information in config.xml when you add a platform by 
> default.  The fact the information in is in config.xml indicates the 
> goal is consistency.
> Here is a PR that adds this functionality for platforms: 
This functionality makes a lot of sense especially if/when it supports 
git urls?

> With that in mind, we could also follow that familiar pattern that 
> exists with npm and package.json to help out when you want to quickly 
> save the platform you added to config.xml.
> Ex:
> cordova platform add android --save

I think we should have support for --save on plugins add/remove as well. 
Ultimately, I think users of this functionality configure their projects 
to be auto restore and use this or the save/restore commands to specify 
what needs to be restored.

There is one catch with the implementation though. Save and restore are 
still called with --experimental, perhaps we need to remove 
--experimental before this can proceed.

> ...adds the latest android platform and updates config.xml with the 
> version that was added. As always, you can always use the existing 
> syntax to add a different version (cordova platform add 
> android@4.0.0<mailto:android@4.0.0>). I'm planning on putting together 
> a PR on that idea as well.  We could actually follow a similar model 
> for plugins as well.
> Thanks,
> Mefire

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