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From Murat Sutunc <>
Subject RE: --list argument for CLI
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2014 20:55:37 GMT
Hi Josh,
Amazing feedback, thank you for spending the time going through all the changes! 
I've read the wiki page you mentioned before but looks like I've missed the section of it
regarding commit messages, my bad. 

I have a question about decoupling of feature work and other tasks (such as code style issues
and refactoring). Should other tasks also be tagged with the original feature CB tag? Or should
I just treat them as a separate item with a separate CB tag and make a new pull request for


-----Original Message-----
From: Josh Soref [] 
Sent: Friday, December 19, 2014 8:08 AM
Subject: RE: --list argument for CLI

Murat wrote:
> I've the initial work available as pull requests here:
> cordova-cli:
> cordova-android:
> cordova-ios:

> If anyone has time to go through the pull requests and accept, that would be fantastic!

Hi murat,
Sorry for not getting around to them sooner. They were on my list of things I am interested

A colleague asked me about something related, so I just spent the time to give feedback.

Before you take the time to read my feedback, I'd like to get you to think back to how you
started working on Cordova.

Which web pages / documentation did you find/read?
What did they take you to?
Where there sections that you skipped because "I already know how to do X"?

Then, read through the wiki page I mentioned in the feedback. If that wiki page wasn't one
of the ones you already read, then please indicate what you read. Because we need to ensure
that contributors do see it. Also, if any of the things I've mentioned aren't listed in the
pages that you will have read, please let us know so that we can fix them :).

If you skipped a section, and it turns out that the section has relevant content, please let
us know, in one case, a section's name hinted to someone that it was standard stuff when in
fact it had other important Cordova specific details, so we tried to rename the link (I don't
know if it worked, you're perhaps the first person who can tell me...).

Thanks, and welcome.

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