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From Joe Bowser <>
Subject 4.0 Sprint Tasks (Another "Hey, let's ship 4.0.x soon" post)
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2014 04:53:14 GMT

After messing with the JS for a week, I decided for now to stop work on
MozillaView.  I think I've managed to prove that the concept is at least
possible, but I really feel that it's still too unstable to actually show
past a demo/POC at this time.  We've definitely learned some lessons, and
I'll probably write a blog post on them soon, and pick up work in the new

That said, we should really concentrate on shipping 4.0 in January, we
should do the following:

1. Bump up the targeted version to 5.0
2. Allow for users to target KitKat for Quirks Mode (I'm not kidding,
Quirks mode is back.  Chrome is the new IE! WTF MAN!)
3. Get the gradle work in.  MUCH FASTER! LESS SPAM! WOW!
4. Get the JUnit tests working with Gradle/Android Studio.  I don't think
this is a 4.0 task per-se, but we should do it right after 4.0 is released.
5. Stare at the pie chart wishing that 9 was 5.  (Anyone who knows our
deprecation policies knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about).

I do have one API change I want to make.  I want to rename the
CordovaWebView interface CordovaWebInterface so that it's obvious that it's
an interface.  Since people using the old CordovaWebView embedded feature
are going to have to do a find/replace on the XML, this doesn't really
matter.  Of course, the people using this feature may beg to differ.  If
you're using this feature, and you care about it still working with your
current code, PLEASE TEST 4.0 NOW.



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