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From Andrew Grieve <>
Subject Re: Thought on improving translation and docs
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2014 02:31:49 GMT
Your links do indeed tell a sad tale :(.

Doing a one-over to turn all auto-links into manual links seems like a good
idea, at least for links that link to other pages.

Going on a tangent here - but another way to improve the docs would be to
de-dupe images across versions and languages. I mention it because I
suspect that it would vastly speed up generation and upload times. Feel
free to ignore this though, and work on what is most interesting to you :).

Thanks for your work here! Really great stuff :)

On Wed, Dec 24, 2014 at 1:41 PM, Andrey Kurdumov <>

> Once I finish moving documentation generation to JS I now have plans how to
> move forward with improving translation.
> First thing to finish is to cleanup task which was left after migration
> These which was mentioned by Andrew:
> - update the to describe how to generate using the new generator
> - delete the ruby files!
> - Change path for generation from public/test/ to public/
> Next is the improve quality of translation. Right now autolinking in
> translated languages almost is broken. You could compare [1] and [2] or [3]
> to understand what I mean. That's when you change header of the page, you
> should go across all pages where this term is used and change reference to
> that page everywhere. That's almost impossible to do without tooling
> support. So I decide to create tool(s) which will help keep consistency.
> Here I will use Russian as a second language which I will translate.
> Tool 1: Translation comparator
> I compare how many links I have in English translation with links which I
> have in Russian traslation and generate report of differences.
> This tool could give overview of translation quality for language.
> Example usage:
> ./bin/translationreport ru edge
> Example output:
> Comparing translation for en and ru for version edge
> Comparing .... OK
> Comparing guide/platforms/ .... Found differences
> Tool 2. Find autolinks
> This tool will report which part of Markdown file will be used in the
> autolinking feature. That's to know what text should you use during
> translation in the other parts.
> Example usage:
> ./bin/findautolinks en/edge/config_ref/
> Example output:
> Found terms:
> Icons and Splash Screens
> Example configuration
> Supported platforms
> Splashscreen Plugin
> Tool 3. Find linked pages
> When given Markdown file name, then this tool will report from which other
> Markdown files this file is referenced.
> Example usage:
> ./bin/findrefautolinks en/edge/guide/cli/
> Example output:
> Searching for autolinks
> Found:
> guide/platforms/
> config_ref/
> .......
> Alternative way is to move away from autolinking completely and provide
> another tool
> Tool 4.
> Replace places in existing MD files where autolinking happens with direct
> links
> Example usage
> ./bin/replaceautolinks en edge
> Example output:
> Performed replace
> That's just my ideas how translation could be improved. I just want to
> bring this to discussion, to have broader view on the topic before start
> doing something.
> Also I have question about CrowdIn - I want to intensively check what how
> my translation in Crowdin broke the autolinking. Is is possible  have
> readonly API keys which allows me doing translation in CrowdIn, and
> generate documentation locally, to check that changes in wording, don't
> break autolinking?
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> Thanks,
> Andrey

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