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From Chuck Lantz <>
Subject RE: Created a plugin to help with local plugin development
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2014 23:16:22 GMT
I didn't reply when I saw this initially - but this is actually really cool particularly if
you're trying out bug fixes. Visual Studio tracks edits and automatically reinstalls plugins
for this reason (which you can do if you have a project system watching edits).


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From: Michal Mocny [] 
Sent: Monday, December 1, 2014 2:14 PM
To: dev
Subject: FYI: Created a plugin to help with local plugin development

Took the opportunity to use our new plugin hooks and created a plugin to automate a tedious
task I've been doing a lot of recently: plugin re-installation.

As per the README:

This plugin with automatically upgrade (re-install) a set of plugins (specified by you) before
every cordova prepare. This is useful if you are doing plugin development and would like to
automatically synchronize your app with any changes made to your plugin.

Install the plugin: cordova plugin add

At root of your app, create a pluginAutoUpgrade.json file, which looks like:



This is useful if you are making changes to a plugin inside the plugin's directory structure.

For more meaty plugin work, you are possibly better off making native changes inside platforms/
and js changes inside plugins/, and being very careful to not clobber your work (or use the
build/run scripts directly to skip prepare entirely).  I'm considering improving that workflow
as well.

For now, I've found this plugin useful for minor plugin work.  Sharing in case you do, too.

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