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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: cordova 64-bit support
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2014 16:31:38 GMT
Ian Clelland wrote:
> The question doesn't reference any particular platform, for one.


> Is this a Windows phone question? An iOS question? Android? Workstation?
> There's no actual answer to it, as stated.

I see it as a documentation question.
I think it's legitimate to ask about documenting support for all supported

>I totally agree that we should document which platforms support / require
>64-bit binaries, along with what we support in general, it's just that, as
>Joe said, we need more into to answer the original question.

I don't really think we need more information.
Sure we have to decide if there's a question about "cordova-cli host" vs.
"cordova generated binaries target",
I think it's reasonable to assume that no one really cares about the host
side because "it just works" (unless there's some amusing platform where
it doesn't).

>iOS supports 64-bit devices (as of 3.4.1).

We should definitely document this.

>I haven't looked to see whether the compiled binaries are 64-bit,
> or if they're 32-bit but run on both arm32 and arm64.

I suppose it's worth deciding if it's important to indicate whether it's a
"runs on" vs "is-native".
It probably mostly matters in case some platform switches from "64bit w/
32bit support" to "64bit only", in which case a previous "32bit that runs
on 64bit" would switch too "does not work at all".

>Android is a Java platform, and so doesn't care about 32- or 64- bit width
>at the level that Cordova operates on.

> The crosswalk plugin includes native code,
>and that code is 32-bit on both ARM and x86 right now.

We're going to need to split out crosswalk somewhere on our supported
platforms table...

>I haven't tested on a 64-bit device yet, but I expect that the
>library will at least load on them.

>Other people can chime in on other platforms, if what I've written isn't
>what the original question was about.

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