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From Piotr Zalewa <>
Subject Re: Bridges as Plugins: MozillaView update
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2014 20:25:00 GMT
Thanks for that - I will take a closer look later on


W dniu 20/11/2014 20:41, Joe Bowser pisze:
> Hey
> I've managed to get the old monolithic version of Mobile-Spec working with
> MozillaView, and right now I'm running in to a serious problem with my
> current approach to adding the GeckoView engine as a plugin, which is that
> I had to re-write exec to get this to work with the bridge provided by
> Mozilla.
> Right now, I have the majority of the code pluginized here:
> And this is based on this example project here:
> And requires this feature branch of Cordova JS to run:
> What I'm thinking of doing is have plugin code that overrides the exec so
> that it uses the new bridge instead of the old bridge.  Right now we only
> have the bridge that Mozilla implemented working right now, and we don't
> have the prompt mechanism implemented for BridgeSecret.  I also want to
> revisit our method for encoding what comes out, since it seems weird that
> we can't have base64 strings in JSON, since that's really how we're passing
> Binary Data out of Cordova anyway.
> I have to admit that the last part, getting the exec scripts to work has
> been a huge slog in comparison to everything else.  Given that there's so
> many people active in CordovaJS, you'd think this would be documented a lot
> better than it currently is.  Right now I'm re-using the message encoding
> that Android is using so that I can get this working and in front of people.
> Anyway, thoughts on how to load exec as a plugin would definitely be
> useful.  This is the main blocker for me getting this over the finish line.
> Joe

Piotr Zalewa

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