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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: Adding ability to add any platform on any OS
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2014 20:45:55 GMT
Cross platform developers with remote build systems.

I'm currently doing work on a mac, but I spent a bit of my time w/ a
Windows machine, and a bit w/ a Linux machine. I often have shared file
systems (smb:, or .git, or whatever).

It's moderately annoying that I have to be on my mac in order to do some
manipulation, and on an ubuntu box to do some manipulation, and on a
windows box to do some manipulation.

Ok, I take that back, if I had to do that, I'd be pissed.

On 10/17/14, 4:30 PM, "Jesse" <> wrote:

>I don't see a ton of value in this, but I do see a lot of risk.
>Platform scripts + hooks are called for any changes to plugins (add/rm) so
>you are going to have multiple points of failure.
>Who does this feature help?
>On Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 1:09 PM, Edna Y Morales <>
>> Hi all,
>> I'm working on allowing the CLI to add any platform regardless of
>> the OS supports it. Basically you would add the platform, get a warning
>> stating that you won't be able to build for that platform, and then just
>> throw an error when an attempt to build is made. While looking into
>> I've noticed that there are checks in multiple places that are
>> this. The first one is the check in cordova-lib that verifies the OS
>> supports the platform. I am changing that to give a warning to the user
>> instead of throwing an error. Then the check_reqs script for individual
>> platforms is called both in the create script and the build script. I'm
>> wondering if the check is required in the create script, when it's just
>> going to get called again in the build script. My plan is to remove the
>> check from the create script if there is nothing in there that requires
>> platform specific environment.
>> Any comments or feedback would be appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Edna Morales

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