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From Ray Camden <>
Subject Re: project version info
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2014 16:03:34 GMT
Josh, we have this discussion already. I was asking to quote Michal, not
you. I understand my blog entry may not be to your liking, but you are not
my audience. My audience (in this case) is PG/Cordova devs outside the
list. In fact, this thread started from a question asked on Twitter this
morning, and I was looking to help out a user with a firm answer.

On 10/3/14, 10:39 AM, "Josh Soref" <> wrote:

>I'd like to repeat that I don't like quoting text in blogs.
>It's unhelpful.
>Writing a summary is much more helpful.
>I do not want to be quoted.
>Nor do I as a developer want to read/parse quotes. I do not want to spend
>time parsing quotations/determining context.
>As a developer, I want to know what to do, and what I should understand.
>On 10/3/14, 11:37 AM, "Ray Camden" <> wrote:
>>Thanks for the detailed response Michal. With your permission, I¹d like
>>reprint this on my blog.
>>I will point out however that there was at least one time when the
>>directory structure change broke something. I forget which version it was
>>but at some point the CLI stopped making a .cordova folder and that broke
>>Ripple. Not really a big deal, just FYI. ;)

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