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From Ray Camden <>
Subject Re: project version info
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2014 15:37:14 GMT
Thanks for the detailed response Michal. With your permission, I¹d like to
reprint this on my blog.

I will point out however that there was at least one time when the
directory structure change broke something. I forget which version it was
but at some point the CLI stopped making a .cordova folder and that broke
Ripple. Not really a big deal, just FYI. ;)

On 10/3/14, 9:58 AM, "Michal Mocny" <> wrote:

>The reason CLI is reporting that number is because we tried to go semver
>an odd way (CAD-SEM) and CLI version was supposed to be just the SEM part
>and the CAD was just informational -- which hasn't worked out so well.
>next CLI release is going to drop the old SEM and turn the existing CAD
>into the new SEM.  i.e.: npm install -g cordova@rc you'll notice that its
>just 3.7.0.
>w.r.t. reporting installed version and not workspace created version: the
>version of the CLI that was used to create a project should not be what is
>important.  Its the current versions of the platforms and plugins within
>your workspace that are actually important.
>This is because when you upgrade your CLI, we will not use the version
>was used to create the project any more.  There have been proposals for
>this, but its not implemented, we just assume you always want the latest
>CLI to manage your workspace.
>This could become an issue if the CLI breaks compatibility with directory
>structure / old platform/plugin structure, but that hasn't come up yet.
>that *does* happen, we can introduce a "created-with" at that point, and
>use the lack of "created-with" as a signal for old version.
>For what its worth, for cca we drop a "created-with-cca-version" file
>inside your platforms/ folder, since we currently also pin platforms.
>you upgrade your cca tool, we then know to prompt for a platforms upgrade.
>I don't know if this will still be necessary with independent platform

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