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From Ray Camden <>
Subject project version info
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2014 10:41:12 GMT
I¹m posting this here as opposed to the Google Group as it seems like the
type of thing that may have been discussed, then turned down, and I
figured this list was best to answer why.

Unless I¹m not seeing it, there is no way to tell what version of the CLI
was used to build a project. Oddly ³cordova info² will return Cordova
version, but for me, the # makes no sense. Here is one I got with a recent
project: 0.21.13. 

Is there a reason why 3.6.3 isn¹t returned and not saved in config.xml?

I¹m assuming it is because plugin version info is more important, but I
can definitely seeing wanting to know what CLI version was used.

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